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Racepak's DataLink II Software

On-track data is presented in an easy to view format. Data channels are placed above the graph area, providing real time display of values, relative to the position of the cursor in the graph area. Comparison of single or multiple lap data is accomplished by selecting the desired channels, in the desired color providing easy to read graphed data.

Graphed data provides quick visual clues for comparison and analysis. Vehicle location on the track is provided both by track segmentation numbers located at the top of the graph area and by the track map, in view below the graph area.


DataLink Lite Software

This is the base program used with all Racepak data recorders. In addition to basic real time telemetry and recording functions, you gain the ability to overlay multiple runs simultaneously on the computer screen. DataLink Lite provides an expanded logbook for monitoring your vehicle, run, and weather data. A typical downloaded DataLink Lite screen view (as shown above) contains three panels. The top panel contains the file tabs and channel buttons for selecting the functions you wish to display on the screen. Alongside each channel button there is a display of the numeric value of the channel coinciding with the screen cursor location. In the center panel is the graph display. These graphs are displayed with a timeline across the bottom and the scale value along the left edge. The bottom panel contains the tabs to access other pages related to the file being displayed. You would use these tabs to access such items as the logbooks.

DataLink Standard Software

With this version of DataLink you gain access to all math channel support. The math channels provide the ability to create your own channels that display information derived from a combination of other collected data or known data. For example, you can create channels that display total wheel or driveshaft turns, shock rates data in inches per second, or, if you have a G-meter and a front wheel RPM sensor, you can integrate speed and distance traveled. The combinations of potential graphs are nearly endless. Full access to the Racer’s Logbook area of the software is also included. The user can create custom run log pages including calculation spreadsheets, x-y plots, histograms, gauges, and much more. Video integration is also included, allowing the user to capture and import video which can then be overlaid with the recorded Racepak data on the DataLink screen.

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