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Interface Modules

Each analog and digital input port on the V300 and V500 recorders have been designed to be used with the Racepak modular connector system. The modular connectors used on these ports, called Interface Modules, are similar in appearance to the V-Net connector modules, but they are not alike, and cannot be interchanged. The major difference being that the Interface modules do not place the signals from their sensors onto a common cable. They still provide a dedicated hard wired connection between the sensor and the recorder.

Interface modules have the capability of transmitting signals onto one of four channels. This is accomplished by setting a position switch on the face of the modules. Up to four Interface modules can be stacked in series and connected to the recorder’s port, or they can be divided into two groups with a Tee module, as is common when monitoring front and rear shock travel.

Interface Module, Digital (does not include sensor)

Tach Input 240-IM-TACH
Zero Crossing Input 240-IM-ZX
Shock Travel 240-IM-TRAV(any length)
Flow Meter Input  240-IM-FLOW
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