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Pre-programmed Vnet Modules

For a function to be monitored on the V-Net the signal from that function must pass through two components, a sensor and a module. The sensor is the unit that actually measures the input from the function (ie: pressure, temperature, movement, RPM), while the modules serves the purpose of converting and ‘conditioning’ the signal from the sensor so it can be transmitted over the V-Net cable. Although they can be purchased separately, for your convenience we have assembled a selection of sensors and modules that are commonly used in conjunction with each other. These module/sensor assemblies are pre-programmed for the uses indicated. They are ready to plug & play.

The following modules are equipped with sensors for analog functions. For digital functions please see V-Net Modules with Sensor, Digital.

If a module/sensor combination for your application is not shown below you might want to check out the combo sets that have not been pre-programmed, V-Net Modules with Sensors, Analog (Not Pre-Programmed)

V-Net Module with Sensor, Analog

Pressure, Oil, 0-150 psi  220-VP-PT-OP150 Vnet module
Pressure, Fuel, Carburetor, 0-15 psi  220-VP-PT-CP15
Pressure, Fuel, Pump, 0-75 psi  220-VP-PT-PP075
Pressure, Fuel, Pump, 0-150 psi 220-VP-PT-PP150
Pressure, Fuel, Pump, 0-300 psi 220-VP-PT-PP300
Pressure, Fuel, Pump, 0-500 psi 220-VP-PT-PP500
Pressure, Fuel, Nozzle, 0-150 psi 220-VP-PT-NP150
Pressure, Fuel, Nozzle, 0-300 psi 220-VP-PT-NP300
Pressure, Fuel, Nozzle, 0-500 psi 220-VP-PT-NP500
Pressure, Nitrous Bottle #1, 0-1500 psi 220-VP-PT-N1
Pressure, Nitrous Bottle #2, 0-1500 psi  220-VP-PT-N2
Pressure, Nitrous Fuel #1, 0-15 psi 220-VP-PT-NF115
Pressure, Nitrous Fuel #2, 0-15 psi 220-VP-PT-NF215
Pressure, Transmission, 0-300 psi 220-VP-PT-TP300
Pressure, Brakes, 0-1500 psi 220-VP-PT-B1500
Pressure, Manifold Boost, 0-75 psi 220-VP-PT-BST75
Pressure, Absolute, Manifold (MAP), 0-30 psi 220-VP-PT-MAP
Pressure/Vacuum, Manifold, 30-0-30 220-VP-PT-BVAC
Pressure Differential, 0-40 inches of water 220-VP-PT-PD145
Vacuum, Pan, 0-30 In. hg 220-VP-PT-PVAC
G-Meter with Mount Box 220-VP-GM
Temperature, Water, 0-300°F 220-VP-TR-WATER
Temperature, Oil, 0-300°F 220-VP-TR-OIL
Temperature, Transmission, 0-300°F 220-VP-TR-TRANS
Temperature, Cylinder Head, 0-600°F 220-VP-TC-HEAD
Temperature, Exhaust Gas, Single Probe, 0-1800°F 220-VP-TC-EGT
Temperature, Exhaust Gas, 4 Probes with Junction Box, 1357 220-VP-TC-1357
Temperature, Exhaust Gas, 4 Probes with Junction Box, 2468 220-VP-TC-2468
Temperature, Exhaust Gas, 4 Probes with Junction Box, 1234  220-VP-TC-1234
Temperature, Exhaust Gas, 4 Probes with Junction Box, 5678 220-VP-TC-5678
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