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V500 Data Recorder


75 total
V-Net: 56
Analog: 8 hard-wired
Digital: 8 hard-wired
Internal: 3

Sample Rates:
V-Net: up to 100 per second
Analog: up to 1000 per second
Digital: RPM and switch contacts up to 100 per second
Digital: Timing intervals within 1/1000th of a second

4 MB
Recording time depends on number of channels monitored and sample rates

Internal Sensors:
Battery Voltage
Longitudinal g-meter (acceleration and deceleration)
Lateral g-meter (side-to-side motion)

5.350” (L) X 5.550” (W) X 1.215” (H)

17 ounces

The affordable V300SD data recorder is the most common recorder for Pro Stock, Pro Modified and many of the Sportsman classes. In its base configuration, the V300 monitors six parameters (Engine RPM, Driveshaft RPM, Accel G, Lateral G, Battery Volts and a 12-volt event), but it can be expanded to monitor up to 67 channels of data to meet the needs of most users. The V300SD can sample data as quickly as 1000 times per second.

Uploading recorded data to your computer is done via a SD memory card, which provides you with hours of recording time and the ability to store many runs prior to uploading the data. The V300SD also has multiple methods of displaying monitored data in real time. When linked by serial cable to your PC you can view all recorded functions in either graph format or on 8 virtual gauges while the vehicle is running.

If you need to monitor many channels of information while using fast sampling rates for extended recording periods, the V500 is for you. The V500 handles more channels of information than the V300 data recorder, supporting up to 75 total channels of information. With that comes high sampling speed rates (up to 1000/sec.) and an internal recording capacity of 4 MB of memory. Information can be displayed in real time on a PC monitor, uploaded to the PC for analysis using the Racepak Datalink Data Analysis software, or displayed on the optional Intelli-Gauges or either the IQ3 or Ultra Dash (UDX). The V500 can be equipped to monitor overall timing, or individual cylinder timing on those vehicles using the proper programmable ignition system.

V500 Data Recorder with serial cable download and
Datalink Lite
V500 Data Recorder with data cartridge download and
Datalink Standard
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