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2015 Trackside Support Schedule

Racepak prides itself on its customer support. With that in mind, we will be attending the following sanctioned events with either factory support personnel or factory-trained dealer support technicians:

Factory Support:  
Dealer Support:    

Feb. 5-8 Pomona, CA      
Mar. 24-25        
Feb. 20-22 Phoenix, AZ      
Feb. 28-Mar. 1        
Mar. 6-8 Bakersfield, CA      
Mar. 12-15 Gainesville, FL      
Mar. 20-22   Ennis, TX    
Mar. 27-29 Las Vegas, NV      
Apr. 5-7        
Apr. 10-12 Las Vegas, NV Rockingham, NC    
Apr. 18-19        
Apr. 24-26 Houston, TX      
May 3-5   Shreveport, LA   Sydney, NSW
May 8-10        
May 15-17 Atlanta, GA     El Mirage, CA
May 26-27 Topeka, KS      
May 29-31   St. Louis, MO    
June 4-7 Englishtown, NJ      
June 12-14 Epping, NH      
June 19-21 Bristol, TN     Tierp, SE
June 20-23 Epping, NH   Tomah, WI  
June 26-28   Martin, MI    
July 2-5 Norwalk, OH      
July 9-12 Chicago, IL      
July 18-22   Budds Creek, MD    
July 24-26 Denver, CO      
Jul. 31-Aug. 2 Sonoma, CA      
Aug. 7-9 Seattle, WA     Wendover, UT
Aug. 14-16        
Aug. 20-23 Brainerd, MN Memphis, TN Bowling Green, OH Wendover, UT
Aug. 29-30        
Sept. 2-7 Indianapolis, IN      
Sept. 11-12 Benson, NC    
Sept. 18-20 Charlotte, NC      
Sept. 25-27 St. Louis, MO      
Oct. 1-4 Reading, PA Bradenton, FL    
Oct. 9-11        
Oct. 15-18 Dallas, TX      
Oct. 17-20       Bakersfield, CA
Oct. 23-25   Richmond, VA    
Oct. 30-Nov. 1 Las Vegas, NV      
Nov. 6-8        
Nov. 12-15 Pomona, CA        

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