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Pro II Data Recorder

Pro II
Pro II Data Logger

PRO II Base Unit:
2 Engine RPM Channels
1 Drive Shaft RPM Channel
8 Exhaust Gas Channels

Up to 16 Channels
Up to 14 total RPM/Digital   Channels
Add the ability to monitor ignition
  timing, mag phase and timing   profiles for 2 magnetos
Add a Pro Dash to display
  monitored funtions in real time
Add integrated and synchronized
  video display to recorded data

Sample Rates:
Up to 100 samples per second

Recording Time :
Up to 200 seconds

8.780” (L) X 5.110” (W) X 1.790” (H)

2 pounds, 8 ounces

The PRO II Data Recorder is designed for use in applications with ultra high cylinder pressures, high amperage magnetos and solid core secondary ignition wires. In other words, worst case scenarios. They are traditionally found on the supercharged nitro burning engine applications such as the Top Fuel Dragsters and Funny Cars of the NHRA and IHRA circuits. The PRO II has the largest selection of channels and recording time available of the Pro series recorders. There is sufficient memory to begin recording from the moment the car is started. The expanded RPM/Digital input capabilities of the PRO II provide the optional ability to monitor ignition timing. This system also supports the Pro Dash, a programmable onboard real time display dash.

The base PRO II package includes the following:
• PRO II Data Recorder   • 2 Magneto Pickups with Fiber Optic Cables
• One RPM Module   • Drive Shaft or Ring Gear Sensor Kit
• Main Wiring Harness   • Battery Charger
• Instruction Manual   • Battery (internal)
• 8 EGT Thermocouples, 2 Junction Boxes, Nuts Ferrules, Weldments & Cable
DataLink Software
The download software for the PRO II must be ordered separate from the system itself. Click here to view information regarding the features and levels of DataLink that are available.
DataLink Standard with Data Cartridge & USB Reader 890-KT-DC-PRO2
Ignition Timing Kit
Add capability to monitor overall ignition timing


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