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600-KT-G2XRND (shown)

600-KT-G2XR(includes dash)

V-Net: 18, Internal: 4

Sample Rates:
V-Net: up to 100 per second

SD memory card
Recording time depends on number of channels monitored and sample rates

Internal Sensors:
Battery Voltage
Longitudinal g-meter (acceleration and deceleration)
Lateral g-meter (side-to-side motion)

5.6” (L) 4.00” (W) 1.5” (H)

13 oz. - Logger; 1 lb. 13 oz. - Kit

The G2X is a compact, but robust data logger that benefits from Racepak’s 20 + years of motorsports data system design and construction. Many features of our professional data systems were incorporated into the G2X, providing an accurate, dependable and easy to use data logger.

The G2X is able to interpret signals from GPS satellites to quickly establish the position and movement of the vehicle. From this monitored data other performance parameters can then be calculated. The G2X has the ability to provide you with track mapping, lap times/number/distance, segment times, miles per hour, lateral G-force, and acceleration G-force. With 128 MB of memory over 20 hours of GPS data can be stored.

Enhancing the features of the G2X is its versatile digital display dash that will provide the driver with a display of lap times, lap number, per lap gain/loss, gear indicator, progressive shift light, battery voltage, and G-forces. Engine RPM is available to those with an ignition system that provides a tach signal output, and three additional inputs from external sensors can be displayed on the dash. When the vehicle is stationary the gear indicator becomes a display of the number of satellite currently being monitored. The dash is also used to provide a means of defining the start/finish line while on the track, thus providing immediate access to displayed data. The dash can be attached to a steering wheel or mounted on the dash panel. A single cable provides the connection between the G2X and the dash.

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