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Pressure Sensors

Pre-programmed, with Vnet module

For a function to be monitored on the V-Net the signal from that function must pass through two components, a sensor and a module. The sensor is the unit that actually measures the input from the function (ie: pressure, temperature, movement, RPM), while the modules serves the purpose of converting and conditioning' the signal from the sensor so it can be transmitted over the V-Net cable. Although they can be purchased separately, for your convenience we have assembled a selection of sensors and modules that are commonly used in conjunction with each other. These module/sensor assemblies are pre-programmed for the uses indicated. They are ready to plug & play.

Pressure, Oil, 0-150 psi 220-VP-PT-OP150 $250.00
Pressure, Fuel, Carburetor, 0-15 psi 220-VP-PT-CP15 $250.00
Pressure, Fuel, Pump, 0-75 psi 220-VP-PT-PP075 $250.00
Pressure, Fuel, Pump, 0-150 psi 220-VP-PT-PP150 $250.00
Pressure, Fuel, Pump, 0-300 psi 220-VP-PT-PP300 $250.00
Pressure, Fuel, Pump, 0-500 psi 220-VP-PT-PP500 $250.00
Pressure, Fuel, Nozzle , 0-150 psi 220-VP-PT-NP150 $250.00
Pressure, Fuel, Nozzle , 0-300 psi 220-VP-PT-NP300 $250.00
Pressure, Fuel, Nozzle , 0-500 psi 220-VP-PT-NP500 $250.00
Pressure, Nitrous Bottle #1, 0-1500 psi 220-VP-PT-N1 $250.00
Pressure, Nitrous Bottle #2, 0-1500 psi 220-VP-PT-N2 $250.00
Pressure, Nitrous Fuel #1, 0-15 psi 220-VP-PT-NF115 $250.00
Pressure, Nitrous Fuel #2, 0-15 psi 220-VP-PT-NF215 $250.00
Pressure, Transmission, 0-300 psi 220-VP-PT-TP300 $250.00
Pressure, Brakes, 0-1500 psi 220-VP-PT-B1500 $250.00
Pressure, Manifold Boost, 0-75 psi 220-VP-PT-BST75 $250.00
Pressure/Vacuum, Manifold, 30-0-30 220-VP-PT-BVAC $250.00
Pressure Differential, 0-40 inches of water 220-VP-PT-PD145 $250.00
Vacuum, Pan, 0-30 In. hg 220-VP-PT-PVAC $250.00

Not programmed, with Vnet module

If a module/sensor combination for your application is not shown below you might want to check out the combo sets that have not been pre-programmed, V-Net Modules with Sensors, Analog (Not Pre-Programmed)

These module and sensor combinations are the same as our V-Net Modules with Sensors, Analog (Pre-Programmed) with the exception that they have not been pre-programmed. In other words they have not been assigned to a specific task. As an example, if you had a need for a module/sensor combination to measure your carburetor fuel pressure up to 15 psi you would choose the pre-assigned part number 220-VP-PT-CP15. But lets say that you wanted to measure some other fluid line pressure in the same pressure range. One for which there was not a pre-assigned module/sensor combo. You would want to use the same module and sensor as used for the carb pressure, but you wouldn't want the download to indicate it was carb pressure. The answer is to use one of these module/sensor combinations that have not been pre-assigned to a specific task. They perform the same job as the pre-assigned module/sensors, but these allow you to do the assignment programming yourself.

V-Net Module with Sensor, Pressure, 0-15 psi 220-VS-15GVT $250.00
V-Net Module with Sensor, Pressure, 0-75 psi 220-VS-75GVT $250.00
V-Net Module with Sensor, Pressure, 0-150 psi 220-VS-150GVT $250.00
V-Net Module with Sensor, Pressure, 0-300 psi   220-VS-300GVT $250.00
V-Net Module with Sensor, Pressure, 0-500 psi  220-VS-500GVT $250.00
V-Net Module with Sensor, Pressure, 0-1500 psi 220-VS-1500SVT $250.00
V-Net Module with Sensor, Pressure, Nitrous, 0-3000 psi 220-VS-3000HP $250.00
V-Net Module with Sensor, Vacuum/Boost, 30-0-30 220-VS-VB $250.00

Sensors only

These small and rugged pressure transducers make them ideal for the measurement of pressures directly at the source. The transducer requires 5 volt DC power and provides a .5 to 4.5 volt output signal. Transducers mount using a 1/8" NPT fitting. Requires an available analog channel and adapter module.

Pressure Transducers
0-15 psi   810-PT-15GVT
0-75 psi   810-PT-75GVT
0-150 psi   810-PT-150GVT
0-300 psi   810-PT-300GVT
0-500 psi   810-PT-500GVT
0-1500 psi   810-PT-1500HPT
0-3000 psi   810-PT-3000HPT
30 In. Hg-0-30 psi   810-PT-VB
Adapter Modules
V-Net Module   230-VM-PT-5V
Preprogrammed V-Net module adapts pressure transducer to V-Net cable.
Interface Module   240-IM-PT-5V
Interface module connects pressure transducer to analog port of V Series recorders.
Pro Analog Transducer Mount Box Module   810-MD-0-5-5V
Drop-In style module adapts pressure transducer to recorders using Pro Analog Transducer Box.
Connector Kit
Connector Kit, for TI Style Transducers   810-CN-TI3P
Connector Kit, for Fluid Temp Sensors   810-CN-TR2P
When it becomes necessary to shorten the pigtail cable between the pressure transducer and it's module, this kit provides a replacement quick-disconnect connector to facilitate the job.
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