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Travel Sensors

The name of the game in racing is traction, and keeping your tires firmly planted under all track conditions and surface abnormalities have become a science. Monitoring suspension deflection through shock absorber movement is the common method of tracking suspension and tire performance. Racepak users can employ these shock absorber travel sensors to monitor even the slightest amount of shock travel or tire shake. Shock travel graphs will provide you with the data you’ll need to tune ’to the track’ more precisely.

Front and rear shock travel sensors are available individually or as a kit. The kits, which are available for V Series or Pro Series recorders, each contain the linear shock travel sensor, cable, and signal conditioning module for one shock. An available analog channel is required for each wheel monitored. 

Shock Travel Sensor Only, Front, 0-3” (8.4” to 11.4”) 800-LN-TRV3
Shock Travel Sensor Only, Front, 0-4” (9.7” to 13.7”) 800-LN-TRV4
Shock Travel Sensor Only, Rear, 0-8” (12.6” to 20.6”) 800-LN-TRV8

Shock Travel Kits  
Shock Travel Kit, V Series Recorders, Front 280-KT-SHKTRVF 
Shock Travel Kit, V Series Recorders, Rear 280-KT-SHKTRVR
These kits are designed to install the shock travel sensors on the analog port of a V300, V300SD or V500 data recorder  
Shock Travel Kit, Conventional-Style Recorders, Front 800-KT-TRV4
Shock Travel Kit, Conventional-Style Recorders, Rear 800-KT-TRV8

Ride Height Sensors

Infrared sensors are used to monitor the distance to an object, relative to the sensor, when contact cannot be made with the object. This makes them ideal for use in setting up the suspension by monitoring chassis ride height in relation to the moving ground plane. Infrared Ride Height sensors and modules are commonly attached to the V-Net cable of any V-series recorder, or 0-5V module on a Pro-series unit. If desired, they can also be attached to the analog port by using an Interface module rather than a V-Net module. These sensors are designed for use in measuring distances ranging from 3.5 to 14 inches. Each sensor must be used with the appropriate module.

Infra-red Ride Height, 3.5-14.0” 810-SN-RHB-M3

Linear Sensors

These potentiometers are used to measure linear movement or position. They are commonly used on applications such as throttle position, magneto retard devices, and fuel slide valves. Installation requires an available analog channel and a matching signal conditioning module. They are available in 0-1 inch or 0-3 inch travel.

Sensor, Linear Travel, 0-1.0” 800-LN-FUEL
Sensor, Linear Travel, 0-3.0”  800-LN-CLV3
Sensor, Linear Travel, 0-4.0”  800-LN-CLV4
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