NHRA has approved the UDX line of dashes for use in competition. Click here more details.

Ultra Dash Extreme

The Ultra Dash Extreme is available in a variety of configurations to fit the needs of many different applications.

250-DS-UDX: A display only model to provide instrumentation for new and existing V series data recorders. This model also features internal and external warning lights and a fully programmable 6 level shift light. ($625.00)

250-DS-UDXRP: This model comes standard with all the basic instrumentation needed to operate your vehicle. Standard features include engine rpm, water temperature, oil pressure and battery voltage. You can optionally add oil temperature and fuel pressure by simply purchasing the required sender. Need more sensors? The VNet port will allow you to add up to 32 additional channels for the ultimate in expandability. The UDXRP model can record up to 10 minutes of data which you can play back later on the LCD display. You can also upgrade this model to download recorded data to our DataLink PC software for complete analysis. ($825.00)

250-KT-LDX: This model offers the same features as the UDXRP, plus the additional hardware required to monitor the driveline RPM. The big difference between the two is the ability of the LDX to record the monitored functions and then download the data to a PC for data analysis using Racepak DataLink software. With a self-contained data recorder the LDX Logger Dash can be equipped with optional sensors to record up to a total of 32 channels of data. Sample rates up to 100/second, and 1 MB of memory, provides lots of recording time and sampling ability. Standard features of the LDX include shift light output (6 gear), external warning light output, internal warning indicator light, minimum/maximum recall, and a remote record/display switch. ($1449.00)

250-DS-UDXSR: A display only model for street rods and street machines. This model adds the features that are required on street driven vehicles, such as speedometer, odometer, high beam, parking brake and turn signal indicators. The dash also offers the ability to display water temperature, oil temperature, oil pressure, fuel level, battery voltage and tachometer. ($725.00)

300-DS-UDX6S: This model is intended for use on snowmobiles. Standard features include: engine rpm, jack shaft rpm, speedometer, odometer, four exhaust temperature inputs, water temperature, Ace M10 setting input. There are also warning inputs for the following items: oil level, water temperature, high beam, detonation, premium fuel. The dash has 10 minutes of recording time that you can play back on the LCD display or, optionally, download to our DataLink PC analysis software. Direct plug-in wire harness adapter will soon be available for most Polaris sleds. ($799.00)

300-DS-UDX2S: Like the UDX6S, this model is also intended for use on snowmobiles. It has the same sensor and warning inputs as the UDX6S but does not have the ability to record or play back data. It is intended as direct replacement for the standard OEM gauge set. ($679.00)


Approx. dimensions: 4.00" tall, 10.20" wide, 2.125" thick. (0.825" bezel + 1.30" back housing)
Total clearance required behind mounting surface: 2.0"